A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

It's like Lovely Planet but your gun is jelly.

In prototype stage. No sound effects yet. Expect multiple bugs, missing colliders, bad unfriendly menus and generally imbalanced difficulty.


  • WASD to move, SPACE to jump
  • Mouse to look, LMB to fire
  • R to restart, Q for back/quit and E to select
  • TAB and BACKQUOTE to skip levels
  • XBOX Controller might be supported, untested

Looking for your feedback! Like it, hate it, love it? Please comment here, catch me on twitter @_vidhvat or drop a line at vidhvat [at] quicktequila.com. Would love to hear what you think!

Thank you & Happy New Year

Updated 4 days ago
Published 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreShooter, Platformer
TagsDifficult, FPS, fps-platformer, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and double click on executable.


jelly_gun_1000_win.zip 40 MB
jelly_gun_1000_osx.zip 42 MB

Development log


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Very cool prototype with an interesting weapon.
Still, in familiar territory.
Definitely a more "drunk" feel than LP, which is funky.

I'm curious how it plays with different level styles.
Like, I want to be in an arena and have to spin circular, making shots.
Get some of that left/right wobble in play a little more.

Glad to play it.
Keep experimenting!

Thanks so much for playing and the feedback!

True! The demo right now sticks to the familiar Lovely Planet style short and tight levels. More open and free-form levels should work too I think. The wobbly gun makes shooting even static enemies quite challenging in and of itself, esp when they're firing back.

I'm also thinking to make levels a bit longer to up the difficulty a bit.




Thanks for playing & the gameplay video